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ARE 5.0 Financial Formula Workbook (PCM-PJM)


What is this?

It's an in-depth look at 28 financial terms you need to know for PCM and PJM. Definitions, formulas, additional information, practice problems and more.

What's included:

  • 90-page Financial Formulas Workbook
  • Sample financial statements from a fictitious architecture firm
  • 28 financial terms with definitions, formulas, related terms, sample problem(s), additional discussion information and curated links to websites, blogs and videos.
  • Video answers now available for (almost) all terms!

Can I see a sample?

Sure! Follow this link to see the first few pages.

What does it cost? Is this a subscription?

$30 for the entire thing. Not per month, just once.

Get it for $15 as an option when you enroll in the PCM-PJM Study Course

Some Love:

"Your PCM/PJM assignments were very helpful alone, but that Financial Workbook THOUGH!!!. Seriously a life changer. It helped me understand every bit of information better. Not sure I would've passed without that one resource."
- Victoria from Tennessee

What are the Topics?

  • Net Operating Revenue +Video
  • Direct Labor +Video
  • Indirect Labor +Video
  • Total Labor +Video
  • Direct Expenses +Video
  • Indirect Expenses +Video
  • Total Expenses +Video
  • Net Profit +Video
  • Accounts Receivable +Video
  • Backlog +Video
  • Utilization Rate +Video
  • Overhead Rate +Video
  • Break Even Rate +Video
  • Net Multiplier +Video
  • Profit-to-Earnings Ratio
  • Net Revenue per Employee +Video
  • Aged Accounts Receivable +Video
  • Revenue Factor +Video
  • Return on Overhead +Video
  • Current Earnings +Video
  • Current Assets +Video
  • Current Liabilities +Video
  • Long-Term Liabilities +Video
  • Equity +Video
  • Solvency
  • Liquidity (Quick / Current Ratios) +Video
  • Leverage
  • Return on Equity

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ARE 5.0 Financial Formula Workbook (PCM-PJM)

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