ARE 5.0 - PDD/PPD Study Assignments

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ARE 5.0 - PDD/PPD Study Assignments

216 ratings


6 Sample Assignments: Download

What is this?

It's half practice test, half Jenny's Notes, half study guide. Think of it as ARE homework. What could be more fun?! This is NOT a replacement for your primary material. This IS a way to study more efficiently. To spend time every day focusing on concepts you will be tested on. You still have to do the hard work, this course makes sure you're working on the right things. Just download the free sample above. If you like that, this course will give you 64 more assignments just like it.

Why are you making me do homework?

When talking to people about passing PDD and PPD, the number one question people ask me is where I found practice test questions. I used the Brightwood question bank, Black Spectacles and Designer Hacks, but the best questions were the personalized questions where I challenged myself to focus on the things I knew I did not know. There's a lack of affordable practice questions that focus on what's really on the exams and I don't know of any written by someone who has actually taken the tests for real. With this course I’m sharing my method for studying by writing down the kinds of questions I asked myself. You'll get 70 study assignments (with multiple questions each) written by someone who has been through the stress of the exam process and passed, and knows what you should focus on.

Have questions? Send me an email: ben@hyperfinearchitecture.com

Weekly Assignments

Weeks 1-10 are available right now, 70 assignments with 348 total questions.

Week 1:
Available Now*

  • Structures: Bending Moments - 5 Questions +V
  • Code & Construction: Fire Separation (4) +V
  • ADA: Door Clearances (5)
  • Construction: R-Values/U-Factors (5)
  • Mechanical: Refrigeration Cycle (4)
  • Construction: Roof Flashing (2)
  • Sustainability: Double Skin Facade (3)

Week 2:
Available Now*

  • Code: Stair Requirements (6)
  • Construction: Fire Detector Types (5)
  • Structures: Lateral Support Systems (6)
  • Construction: 2-Way Slabs (7)
  • ADA: Ramp Requirements (6)
  • Mechanical: Single Duct VAV Systems (6)
  • Electrical: Transformers (4)

Week 3 Topics:
Available Now*

  • Structures: More on Beams and Bending (5) +V

  • Code: Corridors, dead ends and clearances (6)

  • Acoustics: A = SAC x S formula (4) +V
  • Construction: Moment Frame Detail (4)

  • Sustainability: Sun Position (4)
  • Mechanical: All-Water System w. Fan Coil Units (6)

  • Plumbing: General Plumbing Waste Diagram (5)

Week 4 Topics:
Available Now*

  • Construction: Curtain Wall Mullions (4)
  • Code: Fire Protection (3x4)
  • Cost Comparison: Excavation Example (1x2) +V
  • Construction: STC/Fire Wall Types (3)
  • Structures: Span Comparisons (2)
  • Construction: Elevator Comparisons (1)
  • Electrical: Power Factor Formula (2) +V

Week 5

Available Now*

  • Mechanical: Chilled Beam System (7)
  • Electrical: Zonal Cavity (3) +V
  • Lighting: Color Temps (4)
  • Construction: Construction/Control/Expansion Joints Part 1 (6)
  • Structural: Nuts & Bolts (6) +V
  • Code: Building Area & Sprinkler Increase (4)
  • Plumbing: Building Sewer (5) +V

Week 6
Available Now*

  • Mechanical: K-Factors (6) +V
  • Electrical: Metering Locations (4)
  • Construction: Construction/Control/Expansion Joints Part 2 (8)
  • Structures: Columns (4)
  • Structures: Identifying Damage (5)
  • Code: Mezzanines (4)
  • Construction: Specifications (1)

Week 7
Available Now*

  • Structures: Retaining Walls (8) +V
  • Acoustics: Reverb (6)
  • Construction: Wall Detail and Vapor Barriers (4) +V
  • Environment: Stormwater Management (3)
  • Structures: Identifying Damage Part II (5)
  • Code: Atriums (6)
  • Regulations: Code vs Zoning (4)

Week 8
Available Now*

  • Environment: Climate & Building Form (3)
  • Environment: Sun & Water (3) +V
  • Construction: Wood Shear Wall Connection (4)
  • Construction: Plenum Depth (7) +V
  • Construction: Precast Curtain Wall Detail (6)
  • Acoustics: Open Plan Offices (4)
  • Code: Exit Doors and Distances (7)

Week 9
Available Now*

  • Construction: Concrete Damage (3)
  • Construction: Window Detail (3)
  • Electrical: Distribution Systems (6)
  • Structures: Wind Load and Cost Estimate (6)
  • CD: Finding Information on Plans (9)
  • Construction: Window Efficiency (6)
  • Assignment 63: Electrical Service

Week 10 (Code Assignments from the PA course)

Available Now*

  • Zoning - FAR and Setbacks (10)

  • IBC - Use and Occupancy (9)
  • IBC - Building Area (10)
  • IBC - Construction Types and Wall Ratings (5)
  • IBC - Accessible Units (7)
  • ADA Accessible Routes (7)
  • ADA - General Application & Parking (7)

* Available Now means you will be able to download the PDF immediately after purchasing. 

They are all posted to Gumroad, which is where you are right now, ready to be viewed. After you purchase check your email for a receipt and click the VIEW PRODUCT button. If you have already purchased and are having problems accessing the PDFs try the following:

- Check your spam folder for emails from Gumroad
- Log in to Gumroad and click on Library at the top
- Send me an email: ben@hyperfinearchitecture.com

Course Description

These are short-answer assignments requiring you to research a topic and draw/write your answers. They should take about 15 minutes each, so 1% of your day to focus on a different ARE concept. You will get the question, the answer and suggested resources (books and websites) to use to find the answer for yourself.

This is not strictly a practice test and the point of this course is not to get a high score on the questions. This IS a way to focus your studies and make you think critically about specific subjects that will be on the exam. We'll cover a range of topics, including structures, codes, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, sustainability, ADA and more. I’ll help you focus your efforts.


What is the cost? Is this a subscription?

The $45 is for the entire thing, forever. Not per month, just once.
+$15 if you want the optional case study.

This is priced for one person, not your whole office, please. Contact me directly for a group rate.

Can I get all the assignments at once?

Yes. Anything marked Available Now is ready for immediate download. No waiting. Do the assignments on your own schedule.

What are the video answers?
I have started recording short videos to explain some of the formulas, calculations and charts used to create and answer these assignments. Assignments marked above with a +V have a video answer. All videos now have captions!

What is the case study?

Practice reading plans, code and zoning documents and coordinating answers between all three. 21 questions covering structures, fire separations, wall assemblies, building height and footprint and more! Includes an additional 21 videos just for the case study.

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